Thursday, January 19, 2012

What YOU will find here...

My name is Leslie Porter.  I am a married woman who lives in Crawfordville, Florida.  I have one WONDERFUL child, Shelby, who is 12.  Jeff is my handsome husband, and we have been married for almost 3 years now.  

When I met Jeff, I was a single mother who depended primarily on my family and small jobs that did not require an education to support Shelby and I.  Stretching pennies was a full time job, a lesson learned early in life by one of my great Dad's, Herb.

When I married Jeff, he changed the way I viewed the world, more specifically the way I view politics.  And while my political views will not be discussed (much) here, they are the main reason that I want to begin my journey in writing with my friends, family and the people who share my passions.   Could you be one of those people?  Subscribe here and I will do the same for you.

Things that I am interested in:


*Preserving - Oh, the art of canning is coming to a tragic end with busy sad.  Lets discuss this at legnth and figure out ways to implement this into our busy lifestyles.

*Cooking - Recipes here will not be typical, but geared to what we can cook if and when s*&t hits the fan.  And no, I am not being conspiratorial (much), but there are always disasters that could leave us without power, clean water or access to grocery stores.

*Working at Home -  And why this is so important to some of us.

*Stockpiling -  Primarily geared towards women shopping for their families. Things rarely mentioned by other (mostly authored by men) sites that talk about stockpiling.  Tampons, shampoo (how long could YOU go without shampoo?), toothbrushes, and for God's sake, deodorant.  These are just a few things on my mind this morning.

These are only a few things that I want to discuss in detail on this medium.  I would love to hear the ideas of others and am open to discussions and debates.

You can see my family in pictures that I will be regularly posting on here, as well as projects, videos and interesting links that I think are important.

Stay tuned, more to come - I PROMISE.


  1. Since my last one didn't post. This is a test, only a test!!!

  2. good stuff I look forward to more!